Are you ready to blossom into the best version of yourself but don’t know where to start? Are you confused by the plethora of dietary theories and health fads out there and seeking sound guidance on what’s best for you and/or your family? Do you feel like you need endless cups of coffee to get through the day because you are chronically fatigued, drained and unmotivated?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then health coaching may be the right fit for you. Health Coaching is a process that aims to inspire healthy, sustainable lifestyle changes to help you achieve your optimal health and wellness. At Anthesis Holistic Wellness, we don’t consider optimal health as the absence of disease. We take a holistic and client-centered approach and recognize the interplay between your bio-individuality (biology), your environment, and emotional well-being when helping you identify and transform you health and wellness goals into action. We consider you as a “whole” and recognize that health and wellness is an intricate interplay of the physical, mental, social and spiritual aspects of your being.

Our goal is to empower you to use self-awareness. mindful eating habits and conscious lifestyle choices to create the changes you want to see in your life. We don’t emphasize crash diets, quick-fixes or obsessive health fads here. We emphasize sustainable, healthy and positive lifestyle changes. We draw from the immense healing power of Mother Nature by promoting the incorporation of nutrient dense, whole foods and herbs to help you feel and look your best.

How does it work?

Wellness isn’t a final destination or something you do once and check off your list. It’s an evolving practice of daily and self-care. Where do you start? By recognizing that true power comes from within by connecting with your authentic, higher self. By connecting with your true, inner self and being in tune with your body through practices of self-awareness, self-love and mindfulness, you can identify what lifestyle habits and dietary behaviors are working and which ones are holding you back. Once you see your patterns and identify the root of your issues, then true and sustainable changes can start to unfold.

Our health coaching programs are 6 months long because we believe it takes at least 6 months of commitment to create sustainable lifestyle changes. After your free initial consultation, we will establish a set schedule and meet in person (or via phone) for 45 minute sessions twice a month to help you identify and help you transform your goals into actions. You will be educated and empowered on healthy lifestyle practices which include guidance on following a nutrient dense diet of whole-foods and antioxidant-rich herbs, how to read label ingredients and what foods to avoid, and healthy cooking recipes and practices. Some Health Coaching packages also include Reiki energy balancing and a full body scans using Nutrition Response Testing® to help identify potential food-based stressors that may be affecting your health and wellness. The ultimate goal is to empower you to reach your health and wellness goals, with our guidance and support so you can be the best and most vibrant version of you!

Contact us for more information and start living your life in full bloom!