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Reiki Level 1 & 2 Certification Training

Reiki is a Japanese healing modality that aims to balance your energy field, promote relaxation and stress reduction and support the body's innate ability to heal. It is based on the idea that an unseen life force energy called "qi" flows through us and around us and keeps our physical body alive. If one's "qi" is out of balance, then he or she may be more susceptible to the negative side effects of chronic stress and less resilient to disease.  If a person’s “qi” is in balance, he or she may be better equipped to maintain optimal health.

Reiki practitioners serve as conduit for guiding this life force or "qi" to areas of your body that are energetically imbalanced so that they can help restore it to harmony.

Whether you are an integrative health-care professional that is interested in incorporating Reiki healing into your practice, someone who is curious about energy-work and interested in learning more about it for themselves, or someone in the wellness field who has the desire to become a Reiki practitioner, this class is for you. This class is based on the Japanese, Usui Reiki energy healing system.


This Reiki Level 1 & 2 Certification class will take place from 10 am to 6 pm on both Saturday, September 28th and Sunday, September 29th. A one hour lunch break will be schedule at 1:00 pm and various breaks will be scheduled throughout the day as needed. We will go over:

  • An overview of Reiki and how it works

  • The history of Reiki

  • The types of Reiki

  • Japanese Reiki techniques and principles ( The three pillars of Reiki, Gasho Meditation, Reiji-ho, Chiryo, Byosen scanning, Self-scanning, Koki-ho, Kenyoku, Gyoshi-ho, Jacki-kiri Joka-ho, and Enkaku Chiryo, Practicing Reiki values.)

  • The applications of Reiki (Introduction to Reiki symbols, activating and using Reiki symbols, using Reiki to help work-on unwanted habits and patterns, to help focus on and empower goals, to clear the energy of a space, for distant healing, and group healing.)

  • Healing attunement

  • Using Reiki to heal yourself and/or others (Reiki Hand Positions)

  • Practicing a full Reiki session

  • Introduction to starting your own practice

Class Price: $575.00 (textbook Included)

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Please note: Class size is limited and will take place in Jackson Heights, NY. Secure your seat in advance.

Please email with the subject line Reiki Level 1 & 2 Training - September for more information.

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